How to Stay Calm While Building a New Home

How to Stay Calm While Building a New Home

How to Stay Calm While Building a New Home


Staying calm while purchasing the most expensive thing you will ever own is easier said than done. Just think how stressful it was for you when you were a kid and couldn’t decide what prize to get with your tickets at Mr. Gatti’s. It wasn’t “Good Times and Great Pizza,” it was good times and stress over whether I’m going home with the purple sticky hand or the green army man. Well, building a home is like that times 1,000. So, we’ve created a list that will keep your stress levels low and get you closer to move-in day!


Set a budget.

Building a custom or market ready house without a budget is the same thing as walking into a high-end clothing store like Armani or Chanel, knowing full well you can’t afford it.  Set a budget beforehand and stay within your means as much as possible.


Select a builder.

You are going to be spending months on end with your builder, so make sure it’s a person that exudes trust, craftsmanship and easy communication. Make sure to check his/her references and ask to see prior work.


Make a schedule.

Keeping up with all the selections that need to be made when building a new home can feel like an impossible task. It is best to make a spreadsheet of selection deadlines to keep on hand and communicate often with your builder, so you don’t miss the deadline for things like tile vs. linoleum.


Communicate concerns.

If you have a problem, make it known. If you have a question, ask it. It’s as simple as that. Leaving anything unsaid could lead to major problems in the long-run, like not noticing cracks in your frame work or foundation.


Celebrate often.

Rather than just throwing a big party after the whole house is built, make sure you celebrate little milestones to keep the momentum going and the stress levels low. Oh, the toilet was installed today? Time to pop out the champagne!


Magruder Homes has been building custom homes since 2007. Staying stress free is important when building a new custom home in Bryan College Station. Along with specializing in building new and move-in ready homes, we also want to focus on building your trust. For more information on home building, feel free to browse through the rest of our blog! Magruder Homes is a recognized Bryan-College Station home builder for market ready homes.