Millennial Trends In Custom Home Building

Millennial Trends In Custom Home Building


Millennial Trends In Custom Home Building


The latest trend in custom home building is appealing to the, “Millennial Market.” For many Millennials, 2017 will be the year they purchase their first home. Commanding about 25% of the nation’s consumer population, Millennials are a dominant force in the market. In 2015, Millennials comprised about 35% of new homebuyers. This generation may be an enigma to some, but there is no doubt that Millennials know what they want.

Home Tech: A tech-savy custom home builder will design and construct a smart home, filled with the latest technologies. Automated lighting, security, and thermostats are the most requested.  If there is a sensible smart phone app to control it, the home should have it.  Having the capability to control access lighting and even appliances is the type of smart technology features Millennials are accustomed to living with.

Nature: In an exact juxtaposition to modern technologies is the desire to have completely natural design features. Natural wood flooring and an abundance of windows are key to bringing the outside in.  Cabinets stain colors, such as driftwood, are more popular than the dark chestnut and mahogany stains of their childhood.

Rustic-Chic: An upcycled barn door, reclaimed bricks, old beams, and, the now famous, shiplap are all design details that align with the Millennial philosophy of less waste through upcycling and ethical sourcing of materials…. plus they look really cool, so that helps!  So no matter what their reasoning, their homes are sure to be on trend.

Easy Access: Millennials are an American generation expected to establish a new cultural trend. Typical American culture featured aging parents cared for in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. One of the most endearing characteristics of the Millennial generation is their adoption of traditions long followed throughout Europe and Central/South America. Most Millennials intend to have aging parents live with them, and cared for in their home. This means they desire features that cater to these special needs. For example:

  • Two master suites
  • Upper cabinets that lower
  • Walk-in bathtubs and expansive showers
  • Wider interior doorways

Energy Efficiency: This generation is concerned about making the world a better place, or at least saving some money through smart choices. From lighting to HVAC systems, water heaters to shower heads, homes need to feature the latest, most innovative and energy-efficient options.

Size Matters:  Millennials perceive their home purchase as an investment. They have rented longer, so rather than consider it a typical starter home, most plan to stay in their first home 10 years or longer. They are not starting small and later upsizing. With this group of consumers, size matters. Millennials are not looking for a home to outgrow. Rather, they are buying a house that seems too big. One they expect to grow into.

Location: Millennials are often seen as a hip generation, frequenting urban Wi-Fi cafes and coffee bars. The reality is that they are primarily purchasing homes in the suburbs. Home life for Millennials is modeling itself after the Baby Boomer generation. Populations of urban dwelling Millennials declined by 17% last year. They opted for homes in the ‘burbs.

Architecture: Smooth sleek lines seem to be the preferred architectural style. A no-fuss, modern silhoue softened with touches of rustic charm. It is this blend of modern with rustic, so contradictory, which perhaps, is the perfect expression of the Millennial. They are the most technologically savvy generation, preferring smart phones and tablets, yet at the same time, they want to surround themselves with building material with some history.

Interior Design: This generation is making waves in interior design.  They love bright rooms with a natural color palate.  Picture subdued white walls, minimal crown molding, if any, white quartz countertops, and driftwood floors.  Their splash of fun is normally found in the master bathroom or powder room, with an amazing light fixture where you’d least expect it, or patterned tile that makes you forget that you live in a home filled with children’s toys.

Satisfying all the unique nuances of the Millennial market requires the skill and expertise of the most experienced professional custom home builder. That is exactly what the Magruder difference has delivered for homebuyers throughout the Bryan/College Station area in Texas for over a decade.