The Reason for the Season – Why Magruder Homes Supports St Jude Children’s Hospital

The Reason for the Season – Why Magruder Homes Supports St Jude Children’s Hospital


St. Jude Children’s Hospital is the answer to many families’ prayers after their child is diagnosed with cancer.  At St. Jude’s, families never receive a bill for treatment, travel, housing, or food.  Families are able to focus solely on their child, treatment, and recovery.  Donations are what make this possible and in 2018, Magruder Homes will donate $1000.00 per each sale of one of our current market ready homes, in addition to our annual donation to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

Like many parents, we have worried about our children from the moment we found out that we were expecting.  Every prayer and wish was for their health and happiness.  Each time one of our children was sick or had something we viewed as abnormal, we have been given good news.  When we feared the worst, often unnecessarily, they got better, and our fears diminished.

Here what led us to donate to St. Jude Children’s Hospital:

About three years ago we were on an emotional roller coaster of worry.  Cate, our youngest, was diagnosed with strabismus and amblyopia after we noticed her eyes crossing.  She completed her treatment program and it was determined that the next course of action was to have eye surgery.  We were worried about the surgery, and we were secretly scared that her eyes were crossing because there was a bigger problem.  Fortunately, we got good news and the procedure was a success.

Fast forward 2 months to Jack’s 5th day of Kindergarten.  We received a call from his school telling us that he had fallen on the playground and broken his arm…. Like, really broke his arm.  We rushed to his school and brought him to the Emergency Room where they had to reset his precious, tiny bones.  He was crying, I was crying, and John couldn’t watch.  But once again, we received good news, he didn’t need surgery, his bones healed straight, and he didn’t need physical therapy.

Two weeks later Jack and Cate were playing chase in the backyard with some friends.  Cate ran, head first, into a low, lying tree branch and suffered a seizure.  I was a mess.  I was yelling to call 911, crying her name, and trying to keep her head from hitting something hard.  Her seizure ended and we scooped her up and rushed to the ER.  John, who has in the past asked me to take our children to the doctor preemptively after they’ve been around someone with a sore throat or cold, was the calm one talking to Cate and trying to keep her awake.  She was given a CT scan immediately, and we prayed that they would find nothing…. We were scared.  Why did she have a seizure?  Will there be any lasting effects? Her scan was clear, something I still pray about every day, and we were given good news, once again.

Sometime after all of the chaos, and after we invested in bubble wrap for our children, John was invited by a good friend to play in a golf tournament supporting St. Jude’s.  As he walked around the auction tables he said there were the typical items: massages, gift baskets, tickets for sporting events… Then he saw “Buy oxygen for a day for a child at St. Jude’s.”  He had a moment.  He thought of our children and our hard three months.  It paled in comparison to what the parents of children suffering from cancer must feel like on the daily basis.  He knew right then that we needed to donate to St. Jude’s.

This is not something we can easily write about.  We often get choked up thinking about that time in our lives and how blessed we are with our children’s health.  We received good news three times in a row, but what if we hadn’t?

This is a wonderful time of year to think about helping someone else, in that spirit, we ask that you too consider St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,

Tyan & John Magruder and the Magruder Homes Team