Unique Places You didn’t Think of to Install Electrical Outlets in Your New Home

Unique Places You didn’t Think of to Install Electrical Outlets in Your New Home

Unique Places to Install Electrical Outlets in Your New Home

The location of electrical outlets is one of those things that doesn’t seem like a big deal until you try to plug your cell phone in at night to charge and the nearest outlet is on the other side of the bedroom. What a massive let down! Now you can’t stay up for half the night waiting for that text from your significant other that says, “smooches!” Sadly, they will never truly know how deep your love runs if your electrical outlet is not reachable. So, for the sake of true love and all that is holy, use this list to start planning out the electrical outlets in your Bryan College Station home before you build.


  • Front porch for decorations
  • Back porch/deck for grilling/entertaining
  • Several near the eaves for Christmas lights
  • Exterior of garage for washing/cleaning car
  • Interior of garage for guy’s workshop/power tools



  • Inside cabinet for charging station
  • Side of island for things like crock-pots
  • Above cabinets (connected to light switch)



  • Behind each end table for lamps, alarm clocks, and cell charging
  • Behind dresser area for lamps, mirrors…etc.
  • Extras on the side of the room for easy vacuuming



  • Near toilet for cell/computer charging access when taking a bath/shower (it’s a modern thing)
  • Underneath medicine cabinet for appliances
  • Consider double outlets above counter for hair straighteners, hair dryers, and shaving tools


Living Room:

  • Mantel level for garlands and decor
  • Two on the end of each wall for cell charging near couches
  • Outlets for table and floor lamps
  • Outlet for wall-mounted TV


Other Outlets:

  • In coat and linen closets – for vacuums and steamers
  • In laundry room for iron
  • In upstairs and downstairs hallway for vacuum
  • Figure out the location for your computer and printer and plan outlets accordingly
  • Floor outlets for lamps or study spaces/offices


A new home needs to be mapped out from top to bottom. Even something as simple as outlets in the wrong location can cause a headache in the long-run. We hope this list helps you plan out your wall outlets in a way that supports the functions of your everyday life. For more helpful home-building tips and electrical how-tos, visit our blog! Magruder Homes has manufactured homes for over a decade. We pride ourselves in building not only custom homes and move-in ready homes in the Bryan/College Station area, but your trust as well.